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What is Mead?

It is the world's oldest alcoholic beverage mostly consisting of fermented honey and water. Fruits and spices can also be used to come up with huge variety of flavors. 

What is the typical abv of mead?

There are all different Styles of Mead. Session Meads are easy drinking, carbonated, and are usually between 4.5-7.5%. Standard Meads can be served at room temp or chilled, they are either sparkling or still. These are usually between 8-14% but can be higher. 

what is the meaning behind the name painted people?

The name Painted People stems from a tribe of people  who lived in Scotland during the late Iron Age and early Medieval Age. These people were know as the Picts (the Painted People) and their fierce warriors were literally tattooed from head to toe. They were known to drink mead and braggot (a mixture of both mead and beer). We thought the name was fitting! 

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